The Well

The water from the well adjacent to the church is believed to have miraculous curing power. Devotees drink the water or wash their heads and faces with this water. Many take it home in bottles. The faithful also collects the soil from the church and take it home. They sprinkle the blessed soil and water in their houses and yard. It is believed that by doing so the protection from snake bites is assured. Many give witness to this effect. Another speciality of this well is that the water level in the well remains 2 metres below the ground all through the year irrespective of the seasons.

In due course, the Edappally Church also came to be known as St. George’s Church. The statue of St. George placed prominently for veneration at this church shows the saint mounted on his horseback with his spear piercing the ugly head of the monstrous serpents lying under the hooves of his horse. It is believed to be symbolic of the faith and courage of the saint who overpowered the devil. There is also an Italian legend that the saint was rescuing a noble damsel who was offered to the monster as his daily quota of food. St. George is a great symbol of popular faith and a dependable source of the successor. The miracles worked by the saint and his infinite kindness captivate the minds of thousands through this church. The continuous and steady flow of pilgrims to St. George’s Church, Edappally, clearly indicates this truth.


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