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St. George’s Charitable Fund

Every day hundreds of people from all over Kerala, of different castes, creeds and religions, come here seeking financial support for their needs. Each one is given the necessary help after studying his/her need. It is great relief to all in need. Mar Augustine Jubilee Memorial Hospital.

A small dispensary was set up as a one-room establishment under the auspices of the parish on November 2nd, 1946, when Rev. Fr. Joseph Panjikaran was the Vicar, in 1951 it was converted into a hospital with 21 beds. Dr Francis Chithalan, who assumed charge as the Medical Officer in 1947, the various Vicars who were in charge of the parish from time to time.

Sisters and doctors who were running the hospital and the parishioners worked untiringly for the development and growth of this medical institution. As a result of major development schemes implemented in 1953, 1963, 1965 and 1968, the institution today holds its head high as a major and reputed hospital with several speciality departments and 200 beds.

It is also running a Nursing school where 40 young girls are being trained every year for becoming qualified nurses. Ambitious schemes are on the anvil to make MAJ Hospital a most modern, hi-tech hospital par with the best hospitals in Cochin.

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